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Saol Fisherman Cable Sweater

■  Crafted from 100% Fisherman's wool, this sweater offers breahtability, heat insulating, and its moisture-wicking properties – making it suitable for year-round wear
■  The array of Aran cable, diamond, honeycomb, and moss stitches, all meticulously hand-linked in Ireland, symbolizes good luck and safety for the wearer
■  The classic crew neck, ribbed hem, and cuffs enhance the versatility of this Irish sweater – you can layer it to create diverse outfits and styles
■  SAOL's anti-shrink technology, applied to this sweater, makes it machine-washable and very easy to care for, so you can enjoy it for a long time

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Celebrate Irish heritage with this stunning Aran Fisherman Cable Sweater. Crafted from 100% Fisherman's wool, also known as pure virgin wool, this sweater is incredibly soft, durable, and wrinkle-free. This yarn is also breathable and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for both summer evenings and frosty winter days, ensuring comfort in diverse weather conditions and seasons. Due to SAOL's innovative anti-shrink technology, you won't have concerns when washing it in the machine, as the material will not change size of shape – improving its durability and ensuring you will enjoy it in your collection for years to come.
Featuring a classic crew neck with ribbed cuffs and hem, this Irish sweater is versatile, as it pairs with shirts or turtleneck blouses, making it a great addition to anyone's collection. Pair it with a floral skirt and some vintage boots for a chic cottage core aesthetic that everyone will be impressed by!
The sweater is knitted using the Aran stitching technique, just like the classic sweaters worn by Irish fishermen. This technique adds a dual benefit of both breathability and effective heat insulation, promising warmth without causing overheating. Beyond functionality, these stitches are believed to bring blessings of good luck and to tell stories about the island's inhabitants. The cable stitch, resembling fishermen's ropes, is a heartfelt wish for safety and good fortune. The diamond stitch is a wish for prosperity and resembles the scattered farms across the Aran Islands. The honeycomb stitch represents the diligent bees, and the sweet rewards after their work. Finally, the moss stitch is thought to symbolize abundance and prosperity.