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Short Sleeve Cable Sweater

■ Made of Premium Quality 100% Merino Wool – this sweater is knit using Softest Merino Wool that confers a comfortable and long-lasting wear

■ Ageless Aran Stitches Design – our knit sweater includes a broad spectrum of stitch patterns such as honeycomb, cable, and diamond

■ Cozy Round Neck and Sleeveless design – this short sleeve sweater features a flattering round neck design providing extra warmth


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If your wardrobe needs a refresh, our Short Sleeve Cable Sweater might be what you are looking for. Our chic sweater is knit with Luxurious Merino Wool, a breathable and durable natural material that promises both stylish and comfortable wear. Merino Wool has impressive moisture wicking and thermo regulating properties. It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic meaning you can wear this sweater even if you have sensitive skin as it is itch-free and doesn’t produce irritations.

Our Irish sleeveless sweater is abundant in details as it features various traditional Aran stitches that have been in fashion for more than a decade. These patterns were traditionally worn on sweaters by fishermen and were produced by their wives and mothers. The designs incorporated represent the daily life and beliefs of the habitants. For instance, the honeycomb’s symbolism is regarding the bee industry that was prosperous in the Aran region. This pattern also suggests that hard work will always bring sweet rewards. The cable stitch resembles the ropes used by the Irish fishermen who courageously sailed on the Atlantic and symbolizes strength. The diamond design highlights the idea of luxury and wealth. Our sweater features the ageless round neck design which is not only one of the most flattering necklines but also adds extra comfort and warmth. Our traditional sweater comes in three versatile colors, White, Wine, and Parsnip, and a wide spectrum of sizes, from XS to XXL. For the best results, please follow our care recommendations: hand wash at low temperatures and dry on a flat surface. Make your outfit memorable with our refined Short Sleeve Cable Sweater.