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Cable Knit Turtle Neck Sweater

■  Made with Exceptional Quality 100% Merino Wool – this sweater is knit with Merino Wool promising a soft, comfortable, and durable wear

■ Timeless Aran Stitches Design – our lovely knit sweater incorporates a fusion of various traditional stitches including honeycomb, cable, and diamond patterns

■  Warm and cozy Turtleneck Design – this sweater features a versatile turtle neck design for both a stylish and comfortable wear


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If you are looking for a piece that is both fashionable and comfortable, our classy Cable Knit Turtle Neck Sweater is the right call. Our knit sweater is made of Softest Merino Wool, a 100% natural material that is highly breathable and sturdy. Merino Wool is best known for its outstanding properties such as being water repellant, odor resistant, and a great insulator. The material is hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about itches or skin irritations.

This Irish knit sweater features traditional Aran stitches displayed in a modern manner. Each pattern tells a different story as they represent daily life aspects of Aran Islanders in the latter 19th century. These unique stitches were commonly knit on garments by local women and worn by their Irish fishermen husbands and sons. The cable texture resembles the ropes used in sailing and symbolizes strength and resistance as the fishermen had to remain strong in order to return to their loved ones. The honeycomb pattern is a tribute to the bee industry and hard work which always gives in return valuable recompense. The diamond pattern resembles the shapes of the fishing mesh and it suggests the wishes for bountiful rewards. Our sweater features a long-lasting turtle neck design which will keep you warm and protected. Our classy sweater comes in a variety of colors and sizes, from XS to XXL. For the best results, please follow our care recommendations: hand wash at low temperatures and dry on a flat surface. Make new great memories while wearing our elegant Cable Knit Turtle Neck Sweater.