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Saol cable knit poncho

■ Expertly knit of 100% Fisherman's wool, this poncho boasts a luxurious softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties – being ideal for all-year-round wear
■ The richly textured Aran cable & honeycomb stitches are carefully linked by hand in Ireland, carrying blessings of good luck and telling stories about the people of the Emerald Isle
■ Our poncho comes in two sizes to fit anyone: S/M with a length of 31.5” and a sleeve length of 19.7”, and L/XL with a length of 33.46” and a sleeve length of 21.65”
■ SAOL's new anti-shrinking technology that's applied on this poncho guarantees you can wash it in the machine, without concerns that the material will change shape

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This stunning Aran Cable Knit Poncho is knitted from 100% Fisherman wool, also known as pure virgin wool, an organic yarn sourced sustainably. Luxuriously soft, durable, and naturally wrinkle-free, it promises enduring style in your wardrobe. This wool is also breathable and moisture-wicking, ensuring comfort & coziness all-year-round. But the best part is SAOL's new anti-shrink technology, that ensures that this poncho is easy to care for and machine-washable, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting wear.
Crafted using the traditional Aran stitching technique, this poncho is a nod to Irish heritage – drawing inspiration from the classic Aran sweaters worn by Irish fishermen. The stitches provide a harmonious balance of breathability and optimal heat insulation, which offers the maximum comfort and warmth without overheating. But beyond their functionality, the Aran cable and honeycomb stitches on this poncho weave tales of good fortune and hard work. The cable, resembling fishermen's ropes, was knit by local women as a wish for their husbands' safety and good fortune at sea. The honeycomb stitch, on the other hand, symbolizes the idea of sweet rewards after hard work.
This poncho comes in two sizes – S/M (a length of 31.5” and a sleeve length of 19.7”) and L/XL (length of 33.46” and a sleeve length of 21.65”). Designed in Ireland by SAOL, this poncho epitomizes Irish craftsmanship and authenticity. A unique gift, it carries the spirit of Ireland, making a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to don this exquisite piece.