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Fisherman Cable Throw

■ Our Irish throw is crafted with 100% Fisherman Wool, a material known for its warmth and sustainability
■ Adorned with classic cable, diamond, honeycomb and basket stitches, each telling a story through intricate design
■ Generously sized at 66.93 inches in length and 44.09-45.28 inches in width for versatile use and styling
■ The anti-shrink technology used by SAOL makes this throw machine-washable and easy to care for

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Our exquisite Fisherman Cable Throw, a harmonious blend of comfort and tradition. This piece is made of 100% Fisherman Wool, renowned for its exceptional thickness, insulation and sustainable qualities. Our SAOL throw is treated with anti-shrink technology, being easier to care for and machine-washable.
The throw is a canvas of timeless artistry, featuring classic cable, diamond, honeycomb and basket stitches meticulously woven to narrate tales of Irish heritage. Its generous dimensions, measuring 66.93 inches in length and 44.09-45.28 inches in width, offer versatility for draping it on your bed or snuggling with your family. This throw transcends mere functionality; it is a masterpiece that tells the story of Ireland's rich cultural tapestry.
Whether laid across a sofa or wrapped around your shoulders, this throw is the embodiment of comfort and style, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate the timeless allure of Irish craftsmanship. Elevate your living space and add a piece of Ireland with this traditional throw, a perfect blend of heritage and modernity!