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St Patrick's Day Ladies Loop Aran Wool Scarf

■ Knit from 100% super soft Merino wool that is luxurious to the touch and highlights the intricate knit patterns of the scarf
■ Available in three rich colors: Natural, Navy, and Kelly Green with contrast shamrock detailing at the bottom edge
■ The three button loop closure at the neck helps keep this scarf nice and snug on chilly winter days
■ A special St. Patrick’s Day edition of the classic Ladies Loop Aran Wool Scarf from SAOL knitwear. Part of the new St. Patrick Collection
■ The scarf measures 32 x 8 inches

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This beautiful Irish scarf from leading Irish knitwear brand SAOL will keep you warm and festive this St. Patrick’s Day. Modeled on SAOL’s traditional Ladies Loop Aran Wool Scarf, the special St. Patrick’s design features three knit shamrocks at the base, the traditional flower associated with Ireland and St. Patrick himself. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the three leaves of the shamrock to teach the native Irish about the holy trinity and thus converted the island to Catholicism. 

Knit from 100% Merino wool, this scarf features traditional Aran Island cable stitch patterns, thought to represent the ropes of rural Irish fishermen and symbolize the hope of good fortune. It also features a three-button closure to keep it snug against the neck for chilly winter days. The Merino wool is super soft and pre-treated, making it one of the most elegant knit fabrics available. 

This St. Patrick’s Day Ladies Loop Aran Wool Scarf is available in classic Natural with Green Shamrocks, Rich Navy with Green Shamrocks, and a lovely Kelly Green with contrasting White Shamrocks.