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Aran Loop Scarf featuring Shamrock Pattern

■ Made by Irish knitwear manufacturer SAOL, one of the leading producers of contemporary and traditional Irish knits, as part of the new St. Patrick Collection
■ The scarf features classic Aran knit patterns that symbolize the promise of good fortune and have been used for centuries
■ Three shamrocks adorn the end of the scarf, making it particularly festive this St. Patrick’s Day season
■ The three-button closure is fastened with three classic leather-covered buttons 
■ Available in Natural, Navy, and Kelly Green with contrast shamrock knit detail
■ The scarf measures 32 x 8 inches


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This lovely knit scarf from Irish knitwear manufacturer SAOL is a perfect way to show off your Irish pride and heritage this St. Patrick’s Day season. The Aran Loop Scarf featuring a Shamrock Pattern at the base in contrasting colors is knit from 100% Merino wool that has been pre-treated, making it luxuriously soft to the touch and exceptionally warm. The three-button closure features leather-covered buttons and keeps the scarf snug to the neck, adding an extra layer of security and warmth.

The knit patterns of the scarf are taken directly from traditional Irish Aran sweaters, first found on the remote Aran Islands more than a century ago. The cable design is said to represent the ropes of these rural fishermen and symbolize the promise of a good catch. Paired with the shamrock design, there’s nothing quite so Irish!

The scarf is available in three colors: Natural, Navy, and Green, with contrasting Shamrock detail.