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Ladies Wool Scarf

■ Made by leading Irish knitwear manufacturer Saol, this elegant scarf is the perfect subtle nod to Irish heritage this March
■ The Ladies Wool Scarf is knit from 100% pre-treated Merino wool, making is luxuriously soft to the touch and super warm when worn
■ Available in three classic colors: Natural, Navy, and Kelly Green
■ The knit patterns on the scarf of interwoven lace, diamond, and cable knits date back over a century and have become a staple of modern Irish design
■ Pair it with the Irish Wool Bobble Hat for a complete ensemble! 
■ The scarf measures 68 x 8 inches


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This Ladies Wool Scarf from Irish knitwear company Saol is a beautiful and subtle way to show off your Irish pride. Knit from 100% Merino wool, the scarf is remarkably soft to the touch and elegantly highlights the depth of the detailed knit patterns. These patterns of interwoven diamond, cable, and lace knitting date back over a century and were first developed for use in working Irish fishermen’s sweaters to give an extra layer of warmth while they rowed out on to the Atlantic. Today, they are renowned for their complexity and beauty, while still remaining highly functional by trapping the heat generated from the body and keeping out the cold air on the outside. 

This extra long scarf is the perfect gift for a lover of Ireland and Irish history and comes in three classic colors: Natural White, Navy, and Kelly Green. Pair it with the Aran Wool Bobble Hat from Saol for a festive St. Patrick’s Day ensemble!