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Merino Wool Shamrock Throw

■ Shamrock Merino Wool Throw- Beautiful throw that pays homage to the traditional Irish craftsmanship of knitwear, depicting the motif of the lucky shamrock

■ 100% Super Soft Merino Wool- Made in Ireland, out of super soft Pure New Merino Wool - just perfect for cold winter days, when you crave some warmth and coziness

■ High Quality- The high quality material will last a lifetime, for best care results we recommend gently hand washing it in lukewarm water and only drying it flat

■ Size: 68 inches/173 cm Length x 45 inches/114 cm Width 


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As the days are getting colder, warmth and coziness are craved more and more. Make your home the perfect cozy space with our Merino Wool Shamrock Throw! Our throw is a combination of functionality and style. Made by SAOL, a leading manufacturer of traditional Irish knitwear, it features elements of Irish heritage in an authentic manner. The composition of 100% super soft Merino Wool makes it ideal to wrap yourself in, as it is very soft, warm, but equally breathable. The high quality material guarantees to last a lifetime if taken proper care of. For best results, we recommend gently handwashing it in lukewarm water and only drying it flat. 

It is designed to be a beautiful detail added to your interior or exterior design and it can be placed in any room of your home. The stitch pattern is homage paid to the traditional Irish craftsmanship of knitwear, combining a rope stitch with a shamrock one. Green shamrock details are added on the margins. The shamrock is the most popular Irish symbol and it is a symbol for luck, used by Saint Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people when he brought Christianity in Ireland, during the 5th century. Each leaf of the shamrock represents the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The base is a charming shade of ivory, versatile enough to match any interior design. The throw measures 68 inches/172 cm in length and 45 inches/114 cm in width.