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Natural Merino Wool Heart Throw

■ Our beautiful throw is made from 100% super soft merino wool. The high microfiber count of our wool makes our throw one of the softest blankets available on the market today. The wool is pre-washed prior to knitting to ensure that you get the finest finish on your blanket.

■ Our throw is covered with a repeating pattern of alternating cable knits and a heart-shaped motif, drawing inspiration from the knit styles of the Aran Islands in the west of Ireland. The heart motif symbolizes love, while the cable symbolizes the ropes of Aran fishermen, who make their living from the sea.

■ Measuring 67 inches long by 49 inches wide, our throw is the perfect size to add an extra layer to your sofa or bed on colder days and nights.

■ Our blanket’s natural color is highly versatile, able to blend seamlessly into any home décor you may have, and also allows the knit patterns to shine in their three-dimensionality. The color is that of the first Aran sweaters, adding to the wonderful sense of Irish heritage inherent in any Aran style.

■ After knitting, the blanket is washed, dried, and pressed, ensuring a most luxurious finish. Our process also reduces the risk of damage and shrinkage when being washed in the future and guarantees an always fresh fragrance when new.


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Our Natural Merino Wool Heart Throw from SAOL is a beautiful addition to any home. Made from 100% high-quality merino wool, our throw blanket is super soft yet highly durable. Designed in the style of the famous Aran sweaters of the west coast of Ireland, the blanket features both cable knit and heart-shaped patterns throughout. The cable knit patterns symbolize the ropes of Aran fishermen, who rely on the sea to make their living, and the heart motif symbolizes love, making our SAOL throw a perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary present. The natural color is luxurious and versatile, able to blend seamlessly with any home décor.