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Cable Knit Bomber Jacket

■Made of Premium 100% Merino Wool - our Aran bomber jacket guarantees ultimate comfort, keeping you warm during cold seasons and cool during hot seasons.
■Traditional Aran Stitches Design with a modern appearance - our jacket presents the traditional Aran Cable stitch complemented with a stylish Hugs & Kisses stitch near the zipper, Diamond patterns arranged vertically, and an exquisite Honeycomb on the sleeves. 
■Collar Zip with a Trinity knot smooth finish - this knitwear features a collar zip that ends in a Trinity knot pattern tightly bound by a circle symbolizing eternity. 
■Breathable and odor-resistant, our Cable Knit Bomber is easy to take care of. To achieve the best results, hand wash the jacket in cold water and air-dry it in any open area, like a porch, backyard, or balcony. 


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A combination of versatility and comfort, this bomber jacket can be worn all year round. Knitted with 100% Best Quality Merino Wool, our Cable Knit Bomber Jacket is an indication of versatility, keeping you warm during cold seasons and cool during hot seasons. Offering protection against both the warm sea breeze and cold mountain air, the jacket is suitable for traveling and for long walks. The Cable pattern was knitted by the fishermen’s wives as a wish for safety and a representation of the fishermen’s ropes. The Honeycomb stitch on the sleeves and back is a traditional pattern that, in combination with the diamond stitch, is believed to bring good fortune. The Hugs & Kisses stitch placed near the zipper gives the jacket a modern touch. The zip ends with a Trinity knot with three points that allude to the governing natural forces and a circle that symbolizes eternity. In order to look brand new, our Cable Knit Bomber jacket should be hand washed only in cold water with mild soap and air-dried in an open area.