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The Beginning of SAOL Aran Knitwear

The Beginning of SAOL Aran Knitwear

3rd Oct 2023

Our brand, SAOL Knitwear, launched 4 years ago when James Gaughan envisioned a way of introducing a more modern approach to Aran Knitwear that was not on the market at the time. As a newly established business, we used reviews and feedback from our customers to make SAOL a modern brand of knitwear this is rich in tradition and heritage. SAOL Knitwear is a premium knitwear making garments for men and women that are finished to the highest specifications. 

At SAOL Knitwear, we hold a strong belief in delivering both exceptional quality and comfort, which is why we take the extra steps to ensure it throughout the entire process. We are knitting using premium merino wool ensuring the highest quality and softness for the wearer. All of our sweaters, cardigans, throws, scarves and hats are preshrunk, which makes them machine washable for the customer’s comfort, they are also washed, dried and steamed before leaving the factory. Our garments are hand finished and linked to get the highest standards and ensure a smooth and durable touch and appearance. All of these details are carefully done to ensure our customers enjoy a lasting comfortable and qualitative experience through our garments. 

Our brand is dedicated to honouring the craftsmanship of traditional Aran Knitwear and our heritage. All of our pieces feature authentic Aran stitches holding unique meanings and symbolism that are meant to celebrate the Irish way of life. This is translated into the name of the company as well, SAOL being the Gaelic word for “life”. The symbolism behind Aran stitches is representative of the Irish times when fishermen first wore these garments in their daily work at sea and live on to this day through the traditional craft of knitting. They are representative of the natural beauty of Ireland and the landscapes of the country. Through our passion for Irish culture comes our inspiration to create timeless Aran Knitwear for people all over the world and preserve the craftsmanship of our ancestors. At SAOL Knitwear, we are aware of our historical origins, but we are highly focused on the future, always looking for new ways to grow and develop our brand. The Irish locals, our staff members, our families and our customers are the people who inspire us to keep delivering high quality knitwear and reinventing the traditional Aran style. They are the reason Saol knitwear has evolved and improved over the years and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our brand.