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Saol Knitwear expands into Lambswool

Saol Knitwear expands into Lambswool

15th Nov 2023

As a brand that is constantly thriving to improve and innovate, we’re excited to announce a new addition to our wholesale Irish knitwear collections. We are introducing Irish knitwear made out of lambswool! This makes us Ireland’s first manufacturer of lambswool knitwear and works with our innovative way of improving the knitwear one stitch at a time.

When deciding to introduce lambswool to our collections we considered both the innovative addition to the Irish knitwear market and the comfort to our customers. Lambswool is a special type of wool that comes from the first shearing of a sheep. It has been traditionally and successfully used for Irish weaving for years thanks to its strong and smooth material that holds significant elasticity. This ensures properties such as smoothness, a lightweight feel and a luxurious appearance. Lambswool garments make for an excellent top layer, ensuring temperature regulation and a sophisticated look.

Lambswool is a great knitwear material that has not been used in traditional Irish garments before, and our idea came from wanting to mix tradition with innovation. By offering our customers different types of wool products we are paying attention to their needs and to the market opportunities that help them continuously grow their businesses. This is an adventurous move for Saol and an excellent opportunity for stores to expand their customer base and everyone at our company is excited about it:

"This is an exciting move as it creates an opportunity for stores to offer a new product and a different style of garment to customers than the traditional Aran Patterns while keeping the quality and traditions of Irish Knitting" said James Gaughan, our CEO.

SAOL Lambswool Shawl

Our Classic Lambswool Shawl is the perfect staple and sophisticated piece designed to last a lifetime. It features a lambswool construction, a classic V shaped neckline, elegant buttons and the perfect lightweight drape. Being made out of sustainable crushed shells, the buttons hold a shimmer to them that adds sophistication to this piece and keeps it eco-friendly. It comes in 8 different colors, offering our customers the opportunity to find exactly what they are looking for. The lightweight of the lambswool can be appreciated in the way this shawl drapes, giving it a luxurious look and feel.

Lambswool Draped Shawl

Our Lambswool Draped Shawl is the perfect mixture between unique and sophisticated. It features an asymmetrical design that showcases how beautifully and luxuriously it falls on the body. It comes in a variety of 5 colors that can be styled according to everyone’s preferences.

Our journey to develop and deliver the best products in trade Irish knitwear doesn’t stop here as we have more announcements coming soon. The constant development of Saol allows our customers to continue to grow their business as well as expand their customer base by offering new and unique products on the market.

As we’re constantly striving to deliver innovative knitwear, we’d love to have you as our partner in this journey and hear your feedback.