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Celtic Aran Jacket

■ Our Ladies Celtic Aran Jacket is made from 100% natural merino wool that is super soft and luxurious without sacrificing quality or durability. All our wool is pre-washed prior to knitting and each garment is washed, dried, and pressed post-knit to help prevent shrinkage and ensure longevity.
■ Our jacket is available in Navy and Army Green and comes in sizes XS through XXL. These colors are classic jacket colors that can blend in seamlessly with any item of clothing already in your wardrobe while remaining elegant and stylish.
■ Our jacket features a full-length front zipper with a special circle-enclosed trinity knot zipper pull. As one of the oldest symbols in Ireland, the trinity knot only adds to the special Celtic heritage of our jacket.
■ The jacket features a large hood and front slant pockets that are perfect for keeping your hands warm on chilly days. The hood can be worn up or down for different looks or to protect you from the elements.
■ Knit in cable and honeycomb patterns, our jacket beautifully references the traditional knitting designs of the Aran Islands in the west of Ireland. The cable represents the fishermen’s ropes, while the honeycomb is a sign of good luck and hard work.


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Our Celtic Aran Jacket from SAOL for women is a gorgeous three-quarter length piece of knitwear that is sure to become one of your cold-weather staples.

Available in Navy and Army Green, our jacket comes with a hood, front slant pockets and a beautiful zipper pull featuring a ringed Trinity knot, one of the most ancient symbols in all of Ireland.

Our Aran jacket is made from 100% merino wool that has a higher microfiber count than other sweaters, making it one of the softest wools commercially available.

The knit patterns in our jacket include the classic cable pattern, representing the ropes of Aran fishermen, and the honeycomb, symbolizing the hard work and reward of the honeybee.

All SAOL items are washed, dried, and pressed after knitting, ensuring the wool texture remains luxuriously soft and highly durable for many years to come. Available in sizes XS-XXL.