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Ladies Aran Tunic Sweater

■ Aran sweater from the SAOL Ladies Collection, made from wool and acrylic blend, being very soft to touch, equally warm and breathable for a perfect combination that will become your favorite pick this winter

■ A modern and timeless take on the traditional Irish fishermen’s sweaters from the 19th century and transposed into 21st century fashion, the sweater encapsulates heritage in an authentic manner
■ Stunning Irish Design: a combination of cable stitches and a zigzag pattern with a crewneck, for a classic, yet timeless look

■ Our sweater comes in 3 colors: Natural, Grey & Navy and many sizes, XS-XXL, so anyone can find their perfect match and combine it in endless outfits


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The Ladies Aran Tunic Sweater from the Saol Ladies collection is a modern yet timeless take on the traditional Irish fishermen sweaters first knit on the remote Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. Whereas traditional Aran sweaters would have been knit with coarse untreated wool, our ladies tunic is knit from a soft blend of 70% acrylic and 30% wool, making it highly durable, yet luxuriously soft to the touch.

A classic central pattern of trellis cable stitching adorns the front and sleeves, while a modern zig-zag pattern stretches across the side panels to add a bit of contemporary sophistication to the sweater. Finished with a crewneck, this sweater can work just as well as a summer office sweater or as part of a winter ensemble. The Ladies Aran Tunic Sweater is available in three colors, the traditional natural white of Aran sweaters, as well as navy and grey, making it highly versatile for any occasion. The sweater is also available in sizes XS – XXL.